About Me

Fun fact: I can juggle

By day, Jesse (they/he) navigates the complex financial landscape of data center spend at Microsoft as a Finance Manager. His expertise lies in deciphering numbers, orchestrating analyses with precision, and crafting recommendations that paint a clear picture for stakeholders. But beneath the surface of this analytical mind lies another passion: creation, community, and capturing the beauty of his big, fat trans life.

When the workday fades, Jesse sheds his corporate persona and wields a camera instead of spreadsheets, crafting compelling stories that captivate and transport viewers. His imagination knows no bounds, conjuring worlds that resonate with authenticity and depth. Jesse's creative pursuits offer a glimpse into the soul of the becoming artist hidden beneath the financial expert.

"I am constantly learning and love to geek out on adventure, travel, wildlife, cars, technology, camera equipment, gaming, and food."

I'm taking the skills I learned in the ONE Creator Lab to launch my personal brand online and create content for brands I love. A program by The One Club for Creativity in partnership with TikTok, aims to bridge the gap between creators and agency creatives, enriching skills with insights from 150+ Chief Creative Officers.

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